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VE-NUE.com was born from a physical store called VENUE that was started in Bangsar, Malaysia by a group of good friends.

We are a bunch of guys that like Simple and Original things that just aren't available in Malaysia (Brands like Deus Ex Machina, A.P.C, TCSS, Porter and more) and we had to travel to places like Singapore, Australia, etc (Other than MALAYSIA) to find these things.

So one day we decided to start an enclave to stock such things for ourselves and perhaps others like ourselves, and VENUE Bangsar and VE-NUE.com was born.

As a small team, we found it very straining to run both a physical and online store and we found more customers only come to the store once in a very long while but constantly shops on VE-NUE.com. There are also a fair bit of regional customers that patronise VE-NUE.com. Hence we made a decision to concentrate on VE-NUE.com purely, with a pop-up store at different places now and then.

We focused bringing in Interesting, Original, Well-Designed products from around the globe, which we personally love and want to share with like-minded community. We travel regularly and are constantly looking out to find some really nice products to stock. It is almost like our personal warehouse.

If there is anything you would like see carried in VE-NUE.com, please email us at info@ve-nue.com



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