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Limited-edition pieces inspired by Hijabis lifestyle. Introducing The Antidote, a semi-instant scarf with premium cross inner shawl attached - relentlessly innovative, effortlessly versatile, and unbelievably comfortable. 

Comes with the inner attached with premium chiffon and no stifling inner neck. The wide cut band that tie at the nape create a custom fit for all day comfort, so you won't feel stuffy. 

This is a new and improved version of the instant. Besides, you don't have to worry about missing your inner - it's all intact! 

Semi-instant scarf with premium cross inner shawl attached from a good quality, lightweight and breathable material. It allows a little airflow that has a cooling effect besides drying any dampness.

Easy and perfect for you busy ladies who are always on the go. This shawl can be worn by draping the longer end over your head without any pins for a fuss-free look. If you would like a more secure fit, you have the option to add a couple of pins to the sides.

This affordable luxury hijab is perfect for the lady who enjoys a bit of extraordinary in her everyday life. Combining 2 different materials, the awning part is made of Nylon fabric, and the scarf ( shawl ) part made from custom-made high quality chiffon resulting in the exclusive look. 

Comes with special mesh bag, this is a little treat to yourself.

As a dedicated brand, Sher’s celebrates all kinds of women — stylish, sophisticated and confident. She who wears creations that flutter her heart and soul, feels great comfort in her everyday world and experiences.

Measurements: 180cm x 65 cm 
Inner: Criss-cross Nylon fabric ( free size )
Shawl : Premium Chiffon

Due to different monitor resolutions, colour may vary slightly.

Minimal hand-wash or dry clean to preserve quality